EARLY Q2 14th Aprıl Descend Into the Abyss

The public demo release of The Unfettered on Steam is set for April 14th! Players will finally have a chance to experience the game and get a taste of the immersive gameplay mechanics.

18th April Embrace the Shadows

To celebrate the release of the public demo, the team is also launching a Founder's Pass NFT Mint. These NFTs will grant exclusive access to in-game content and perks.

18th-23rd MAY Join the Covenant

Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) for our native token, $SOULS, will take place from May 18th to May 23rd, and will be available to all interested investors who meet the eligibility criteria.

23 May 2023 Ascend to New Heights

Following the IDO, we will announce that $SOULS will be listed on a major centralized exchange (CEX) on May 2023. This listing will enable a broader range of investors to access and trade $SOULS.

Q3: Full Version Release (Steam) Plunge into the Void

The Unfettered team is working hard to deliver the full version of the game on Steam in Q3. Players can expect even more immersive gameplay, expanded storylines, and new features that will take

Late Q3: Blockchain Version Testnet Unlock the Secrets Descend Into the Abyss

In late Q3, we will launch the Blockchain Version Testnet. Through this testing phase, our team will fine-tune the game's blockchain infrastructure and functionality, ensuring that it is ready for the full release on blockchain.

Late Q4: Full Version Release (Blockchain-based) Awaken The Unfettered

The highly anticipated full version of the game on blockchain technology is set to launch in late Q4. This release will enable players to experience the game in a decentralized ecosystem, and unlock new possibilities for The Unfettered universe.