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DURING Trial of Death

We will focus on your story-based game and blockchain infrastructure. Our priorities are launching our game with minimum bugs and listenin to our fans/palyers to make The Unfettered great. To ensure this; First, we will release the demo version of our game without blockchain infrastructure.

Afterwards, we will release closed and open beta versions with the blockchain infrastructure. Our goal is to detect all bugs and avoid critical issues before we release the full version of The Unfettered.

After all these proccess, the full version of The Unfettered will launch.

DURING Exalting Warriors

We will add two systems to The Unfettered.

First of all, the arena system comes to The Unfettered. With that system, players will face different types of enemies and they can collect $SOULS. If they can succeed in the arena, they drop NFTs.

We will also add a leaderboard mechanism and with this system, players will rank on the leaderboard according to the $SOULS they collect while trying to survive in the arena. Those who rank first in this ranking on a weekly and monthly basis will also be rewarded within game tokens and NFTs.

DURING The Dawn of Metaverse

Metaverse will activated.

Player will two different option in Metaverse.

Firstly, there will be a mega tower, where they can buy a room. In their room, they can show their character and NFTs. They can sell their NFTs and they will be able to get quotes for their NFTs. With this system, we will activate the NFT market among the players.

In addition to the mega tower, there will be lands that players can buy. They can establish workplaces on these lands or they can rent them out. Both ways they will receive their fee through transactions.

Another major goal of ours is to enable large communities to open shops on our lands and allow them to sell their own NFTs. In this way, we will be able to expand our ecosystem by bringing communities together.

DURING Mighty Clash

We will bring Co-Op system.

Players can join the arena with their friends and also make the daily and weekly missions together.

With the co-op system, we will add new events and playable maps for players. We will also add a class system with Co-Op. Players can choose different classes and itemsCrequipments.

We will add new activities where players can play together with characters from different classes. The rewards of these events will be very good, so they will try to complete the events by interacting with different players, and we will make the players play the game longer by making new friendships.

We will set up a team to regularly add content to the game and keep the game up to date.


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