Our Focus Is Our Product

At The Unfettered, we are dedicated to delivering an AA-quality story-based action RPG in a soulslike genre that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in gaming. We are committed to creating an unforgettable gaming experience for our players by crafting a world filled with danger, beauty, and adventure. Our focus is on delivering a product that not only immerses you in a world of adventure but also provides you with true ownership of your virtual assets.

The Unfettered

Join Lura on her perilous journey through the treacherous world of Ashtanna, where the forces of darkness threaten to engulf everything in their path. Help her battle the dreaded afreets and demons that have emerged from the underworld and save the land from certain doom.

Game developing experience for 5 years with Unity and Unreal Engine 4
We are developing the first AA PC game that combines Soulslike and RPG genres with the advantages of blockchain technology.
The Unfettered is built to last; we're creating a universe that will stand the test of time.
Anıl Evci
Haris Sevinc
Ali Emre Akevren
Business Manager
İlker Çiftçi
Audio Director
Tekhan Görür
Lead Blockchain Developer
Berkay Yılmaz
Marketing Lead
Emin Taşkıran
Unreal Engine Developer
Ebrahel Lurci
Concept Artist - 3D Modeller
Adem Zeybek
Operation Lead
Kaan Kurt
3D Artist
Tufan Kılınç
Unreal Engine Developer
Nur Sevinç
Marketing Coordinator
Sıla Varlık
Graphic Designer
Görkem Zeybek
Social Media Manager
Yusuf Özcan Güler
Blockchain Developer
Selami Altın
Backend Developer
Hüseyin Yiğit
Frontend Developer
Büşra Kayrün Gökgöz
Community Manager
Burak Dorman
Community Manager
Cansu Şahin
Test engineer
Emre Önal
AI developer
Furkan Kaplan
Algorithm Developer
Carmelo Milian
Tech Advisor
Ellis Chen
Marketing Advisor
Strategy Advisor
mariyan boychev
Thi Truong
Strategy Advisor
Samme Ong
Concept Advsior
Barış Hocaoğlu
Legal Advisor
Nick Rose